Upto 200% USDT First Deposit Bonus

Only applicable for Limited Early Adopters, i.e. first 10,000 users signing up and doing one transaction on the platform
There are different slabs to deposit and invest your USDT to get USDT First Deposit Bonus:
  1. 1.
    This is valid only for your first deposit on the Solus Platform.
  2. 2.
    Once you deposit and make your first trade, your Cashback Bonus, which you receive as Promo Cash, will get 'unlocked' and you can use it to buy contracts within the Solus App.
Here's the detailed list of slabs for first deposit bonus:
Deposit Amount
% of Deposit Amount Received as Cashback Bonus
$ Value of Promo Cash Received
$100 USDT to $199 USDT
$150 to $298.5 USDT
$200 USDT to $299 USDT
$350 to $523.25 USDT
$300 USDT
$600 USDT
Cashbacks might take as long as 48 hours to credit in your Solus Wallet balance
Note: While we run this program in good faith, Solus reserves the right to make any changes to these without prior notice. We may make such changes in view of changing market conditions, security or risk of fraud, or any other reason. The decision on reward eligibility will be made by Solus and will be final and binding. By participating in the program you acknowledge the above