🧊Creator Program

Spend an hour a day, earn upto $500 + Solus Mainnet Tokens!

Be a social media creator for Solus on X, Telegram or Instagram and be a Solus Creator!

⚡ What You'll Get

Upto $500 per month + Solus Mainnet Token allocation

😎 Who's Eligible?

This program is exclusive for the first 10 people who apply!

Anyone who would like to spread the word about Derivatives Trading, Solus and get on a rocket ship are welcome! Click here to apply.

📝 Phase 1 Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Create short educational content for your community around trading on Solus

  2. Draft and post X Threads about Solus on your X

  3. Encourage your audience to participate in Solus Trading Campaigns and echo Solus updates to your community.

  4. Echo Solus' Social Media updates and spread it across communities

  5. Engage Solus users within your Telegram, X and nurture them

📝 Phase 2 Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Create, maintain and own your own Solus community channel in Telegram

  2. Share trading signals, educate and lead your trading audience to profitability

  3. Identify loss making users and craft a strategy with Solus team to make them profitable

How to Apply?

Click here to fill out the registration form and we'll get in touch with you via email/Telegram!

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