🤩Token Utility

Enlisted below are the list of utilities that Mainnet Token holders can avail. However, this is not an exhaustive list and utilities might change over time.

  1. Trading with Mainnet Tokens: Solus users i.e. Solusites will use Mainnet Tokens as collateral in Solus perps or predict asset price in Solus. Mainnet Tokens will be exclusive token for Solus platform. Trading fee, liquidity etc all will be charged in Mainnet Tokens

  2. Liquidity Farming: Solusites will be able to stake Mainnet Tokens in various markets in Solus app and make earnings per transaction (i.e. LP fee)

  3. Gaming & Merchandise: Solusites will get various badges based on their trading performance, each badge will get some power-up which is redeemable in Mainnet Tokens. In game merchandises are available and will be traded in Mainnet Tokens only.

  4. Utility with Partner's platform: Mainnet Tokens will be used as a currency in some of our partners' products too. This would let Mainnet Tokens holders to experience not only Solus but also a plethora of features and products which they would not be able to unless they held the partner's native token.

  5. Influencer Economy: Micro trading influencers will be able to create and promote videos in Solus' TikTok style video using Mainnet Tokens

  6. Solus Copy Trade: Certain Mainnet Token holders will be able to provide their trade for others to copy and make passive income

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is predicated upon the potential launch of our token. While we have provided comprehensive details of the tokenomics with a commitment to transparency, we do not unequivocally guarantee the issuance of the token. In the event of a token launch, we retain the prerogative to make necessary adjustments to the tokenomics, taking into account the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency industry, regulatory exigencies, and other relevant considerations. It is imperative to recognize that all statements herein are subject to revision, and we pledge to keep the community apprised of any alterations to the tokenomics. Users and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to routinely review updates on our official communication channels and acknowledge that all projections and particulars remain speculative until the formal initiation of a token launch.

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