Please note that these terms are subject to change frequently as Solus is still in a super early stage. However, all the changes will be geared towards providing value to our Solusites to learn and perfect their speculation and futures trading skills.

Where can I download the Solus App?

Solus doesn't have a mobile app yet. You cannot download Solus app via the Play Store, App Store or from anywhere else.

The only place you can access and trade on Solus is via our web app, which is accessible via app.solus.finance

How to Deposit on Solus?
What wallet should I use to deposit funds to Solus?

You can use any ERC-20 wallet which has USDT to deposit USDT over Polygon on Solus. Get your unique deposit contract address by signing in to the Solus App and going to the deposit page

The address shown in the page (as circled in the screenshot below) is unique to you and use only that address to deposit USDT over Polygon network to your Solus account

How to access Solus platform and trade?

You can visit app.solus.finance and signup. Check out this section to learn how to place your first trade

What are Markets?

'Markets' are the different assets that Solusites can get futures contracts of.

Here is an example of an individual market's screen, in this case, Ripple market.

How do I refill / recharge my demo account USD balance?

When you create an account with Solus, you get $10,000 free Demo USD which you can use in free mode. However, when that number comes below $10,000 you will see a 'Top Up' button as shown and your balance will be back to $10,000 in non withdrawable Demo USD

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