đŸĒ™Introducing | Solus Mainnet Tokens

Solus Mainnet Tokes will be the native utility token that will be the backbone of the Solus Trading Platform. Mainnet Tokens would enable the users (i.e. Solusites) to trade in Solus apps. Mainnet Token holders will also be rewarded with various benefits within Solus and external applications.

This is the initial tokenization and utility details. Further improvements toward the tokenomics will be implemented progressively and with the input of the community every step of the way.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is predicated upon the potential launch of our token. While we have provided comprehensive details of the tokenomics with a commitment to transparency, we do not unequivocally guarantee the issuance of the token. In the event of a token launch, we retain the prerogative to make necessary adjustments to the tokenomics, taking into account the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency industry, regulatory exigencies, and other relevant considerations. It is imperative to recognize that all statements herein are subject to revision, and we pledge to keep the community apprised of any alterations to the tokenomics. Users and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to routinely review updates on our official communication channels and acknowledge that all projections and particulars remain speculative until the formal initiation of a token launch.

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