⛔How to Cancel Trades

Curb Your Losses by Selling Your Trades

Solus Binary trading is all about predicting future price movement of asset. And no matter how deep you strategize and analyze, you might make mistakes.

That's where Selling trades come in. When you place a 'Higher' or 'Lower' trade on Solus, for the first 2/3rd time interval, you have the ability to reverse your trades by exiting your 'Higher' or 'Lower' position you just entered.

For example you took a 'Higher' for a 1 minute market. Now 10 seconds in, you realise you made a mistake. You still have time to cancel your trade and recoup your losses. However, you can only do so for the first 20 seconds (in this case).

While cancelling your trades, Solus will charge you with a nominal cancellation fee. So now, instead of losing 100% of your invested capital for a trade going opposite of your predictions, you can get away at a much less loss.

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